154 155 a mainline pipeline project, station project, or get dispatched to a distribution project. To gain market share, we must all be flexible and work together. We must put safety in the forefront. Every day at the work sight, we must be our brother’s keeper. We have to speak up if we see something being done unsafely. We must insist on a quality product. As contractors and union members, we must be good corporate citizens and promote social responsibility every day. These are the attributes that build great reputations. The unions are big organizations that supply a workforce to many different facets of the indus- try. The PLCA and its contractors, along with the four General Presidents and their staff, plus a cast of many more business managers, agents, and organizers have given the pipeline industry a solid foundation. I’ve been fortunate to have grown up in the business, and it has given me a great oppor- tunity to see the industry develop. I’ve worked beside some wonderful people. This industry is built on relationships. Good relationships build THE PIPELINE CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION trust, and trust builds alignment. Relationships aren’t just handed out at the door; they are earned. The alignment between the unions and their contractors is critical for both organiza- tions to succeed and their ability to survive. I’m proud to say we have a great relationship with the unions, and together we will get our market share. Alignment is the key to success. Whether you’re tying in two pieces of pipe, trying to get your truck to go straight, or negotiating a con- tract, you must have a proper lineup. A proper lineup - regardless of what you’re lining up - takes planning. In order to tie anything together, we must ensure we have a proper lineup. This is achieved by communication, relationships, and the commitment to work together to succeed. A good friend once said, “Authority is a very dangerous thing and ruins more men than it makes. No man amounts to anything by himself and can only rise by the friendship and loyalty of those around him, which can only be secured by thoughtfulness, courtesy, and fairness.” The competition for the best talent is intensifying and we must all work together to build the workforce. We work in a great industry that provides excellent wages and benefits. I firmly believe that there is not another industry out there that can provide a young person the opportunities that the pipeline industry and the unions can offer.