120 121 to spend money every year on technology inside the Amway Center, and we just spent more money at the stadium to improve our WiFi distribution and service.” Johnson mentions some addi- tional ideas for Camping World Stadium upgrades: “We still have some plans, if funding be- comes available, to increase the number of suites that we have, as well as finish some work on the clubs. We have indoor clubs and some outdoor clubs, and ideally, if money becomes avail- able, we might enclose those outdoor clubs to make a full level of indoor clubs. We have a synthetic turf product, so we have to plan about every seven to ten years to replace that – that’s another capital expense coming up in 2020 or 2021.” Johnson considers the two main arms of Orlando Venues to be unique in that they are part of a city government but, nonetheless, are run efficiently and effectively. “That’s one thing I’m really proud of,” he says, “that we’re able to operate within the public realm, which has a lot of rules and bureaucracy, but we’re able to break through those be- cause of a very supportive may- or who has made the venues a priority–Mayor Dyer was the one who spearheaded getting them approved, funded, and built. And because of that, we’re a unique operation.” “We consider ourselves the ORLANDO VENUES n Andy Frain Services, Inc. n Radio One/Motorola n Owens Realty Services (Facility Services Venues Division) leader in our industry as far as the staff that we have here, the things that we implement, and try to do,” Johnson says, summing up. “Live mu- sic, live sporting events - being there is still spe- cial and our job is to make sure that we do every- thing within our power to make that event, that experience special.We want to make sure that we are staying ahead of the curve. And I believe that we accomplish that on a daily basis.”