102 103 “One of the big complaints that you hear when neighborhoods are developed is,‘Why did you cut down all the trees,’”McDade adds.“Well, that’s not happening here. Each lot is selectively cleared, so as we go in, each lot will be cleared as needed for the particular home,without removing the bigger,more mature trees as best we can. So, you can have a beau- tiful new home situated amongst trees that might otherwise take 50 years to look that way.” McDade says that one of the company’s biggest challenges, going forward, is continuing to find similar “A” locations that offer quality homesites to build on. “Our goal over the next three to five years is to continue to look for land opportunities that are similar to this Rivertown community,” he says. “If there’s not a good “A” land opportunity, then we just won’t pursue it.We will also continue to grow our ‘build on your lot’ program.We want to make sure that we grow smart and that we grow in a way that enables us to continue to provide the service we like to provide.We’re not going to force it.We don’t have any desire to be a hundred-closing-a-year company.That’s not what we set out to be.There are lots of companies that do that, and the world doesn’t TIDEWATER HOMES PREFERRED VENDOR n Ally Building Solutions Ally Building Solutions offers home design and flooring services for its homebuilding cus- tomers. Its experienced and professional Style Advisors are experts in all aspects of the interior finish process, and can coordinate a homebuyer’s selection of all non-structural options, including flooring, cabinets, countertops, appliances, fix- tures, paint, moldings, surround sound, and more. need another one.As we grow, I can see us doing maybe 30 year, if we wanted to kick it up a notch; but that 15 to 30 a year range is a sweet spot where we think we can take care of our customers and do a really good job for them.” Brannock sums up Tidewater’s mission and ongoing quest: “We’ve adopted the term of boutique builder,where we focused upon quality construction, customer service, and ultimately creating a building experience that is pleasur- able-and building houses that withstand the test of time. Every facet of our business goes back to quality.We try and give the highest level of service and product to our homeowners.”