Business View Magazine May 2023

256 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 5 PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n Moscow Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center The Moscow Chamber of Commerce + Visitor Center (MCOC+VC) is where commerce and community come together. Our mission is to strengthen, promote, and lead the business and economic community and support the free enterprise system while preserving and enhancing the quality of life. We tell the stories of Moscow’s Magic. n University of Idaho organically. And it’s continued up to today. If you’re the mayor of either town, you are the chair or the vice chair of the airport board. So our mayors run the airport. We also work with the chambers of commerce in each city as well as the tourist boards to promote the area.” “Looking forward,” he concludes, “it’s going to be all about finishing up the terminal building and moving; Then in 2024, it’s going to be looking at what availability the airport has to grow into the future. So, we’ll do a planning phase and look at private hanger and business capabilities and what to do with the existing commercial site that we have. We will be looking at moving fire stations, and snow removal equipment, trying to consolidate that and relocate the existing facilities where they won’t impact the aviation side. We have begun to shift things around and create more usable space, and we want to continue that because we have some attractive real estate.” In conclusion he states, “We were smart about putting the terminal where we did when we moved it, we put it on one end of the runway so we could develop the remainder of the airport. Now we want to be smart about future development and moving things forward. We would also welcome talks with more commercial carriers and to try and get more routes. If we had Denver service, which we do have a Small Community Air Service grant to help fund, then we would be offering flights both East and West.