Business View Magazine May 2023

2 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 5 EDI TOR ’ S NOTES Business never stops ticking, and here at Business View Publications, we never stop reaching out to some of the most dynamic and fast-growing companies throughout North America to see just what makes each company tick as well. With just the right mix of ingenuity, and the ability to pivot while keeping their finger on the business pulse, each of the companies that we profiled for this issue gave us a view into their continued success. We spoke with executives from Rayser Holdings, MAAX Spas, InviteCHANGE, and DVL Group among other dynamic organizations. One takeaway that these companies had in common is the determination to never stop striving to reach the next level of performance while remaining patient enough to take business growth one crucial step at a time. At Business View, we don’t stop at profiling industry-leading companies. With each issue, we go one step further to profile some of the fastest- growing regions throughout the continent. From counties, towns of varying sizes, and cities dotted across North America, we provide you with in- depth coverage that gives you a view into new regions you may not have known about or realized what gems they are. We spoke with city officials from a diverse range of towns including Augusta, Kansas, Clemson, South Carolina, Clermont, Florida, Dana Point, California to East Liverpool, Ohio, and Liberal, Kansas. Each town shows signs of growth and an impressive lineup of infrastructure and economic development projects that can give bigger urban centers a run for their money. With all our profiles our hope is that our valued business leaders learn a little something new about their relevant business sector as well as something about key developments within other business sectors that may serve to increase productivity and represent a model to strive for. In this issue, we are especially proud to bring you a special, continuing series on the construction and home sector. As market conditions continue to fluctuate and supply chain slowdowns are still a reality, the construction and housing companies we were fortunate to profile are showing that business is nothing but booming. Lovely Development, Level Craft Construction Timberlab, and Roman Roofing are blowing away the competition as they acquire impressive construction projects under their tool belts. Flying ahead in this issue, several key airports across the US have landed on our pages. Northwest Wyoming Regional Airport, Pullman- Moscow Regional Airport, Pueblo Memorial Airport, Indianapolis Executive Airport and Lake Tahoe Airport are all investing in well-deserved capital upgrades from runway resurfacing to increasing their hanger capacity, proving once again that aviation is back in a big way. The big takeaway with this issue is ‘flying head first into the second half of 2023 with confidence’ for all the regions, companies, and airports we were honored to profile. Karen Surca Editor in Chief Dear Readers,