50 51 Shull. “We’ve also got about 50 shop craftsmen and 35-40 office support for our shop and field. The field division constructs large tanks and vessels that can’t be shipped over the road.We’ll fabricate the components here in smaller seg- ments that can be shipped - 40,000 pounds of steel is about the maximum you can ship as long as it’s not over width or over length.We’ll ship it to the field and offload it with cranes and fully assemble it. The shop will fabricate the compo- nents that our field will assemble and they also build a complete fabricated vessel of the size that you can ship by truck or rail. You can go to just about every state in the country and see a unique product that we’ve been involved with over the years.” In addition to new fabricated products, the company also has a well-regarded repair division and has performed extensive repair to scrubbers, coal silos, pressure vessels, and tanks throughout the country. Shull believes that what differentiates his company from the competition is its century-old CHATTANOOGA BOILER & TANK COMPANY traditions of quality and productivity. “We have a great name in the industry and live off our repu- tation,” he states. “To stay in business as long as we have, you’ve got to be doing something right. It’s about customer relations, honesty, and integ- rity.We make mistakes, but one of the things that separate us from our competition is how we deal with that; we go out of our way to keep the cus- tomers content and satisfied with the investment they made in us.” In addition to relying on word-of-mouth and its 113-year-old name, CBT participates in various trade shows to stay fresh in its customers’ minds. For example, it regularly exhibits at POWER-GEN, This has built a lot of pride into our organization over the years and con- tinues to be a motivating factor to our staff. It’s a very family-oriented company; we have fantastic employees and we fully recognize that our employees define us. It’s a stressful market and a stressful business, but we roll up our sleeves and work well together to deliver the product to our customers. TOM SHULL COMPANY PRESIDENT