48 49 C hattanooga Boiler & Tank Company (CBT) was founded in 1905 to serve the boiler repair and vessel fabrication needs of the Tennessee Valley area of Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. Although the company is still in the same location in Chattanoo- ga, it no longer makes boilers, but rather designs and constructs both shop-fabricated and field-fabricat- ed tanks, stacks, silos, and pressure vessels from stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and exotic alloys. Its primary markets are the power, pulp and paper, chemical, metal and mining, water and wastewater, and oil and refining industries. Since 1987, the company has been owned by Wil- liams Enterprises of Georgia. All of CBT’s products are cus- tom-designed. “We have our own engineering department in Chatta- nooga,” says company President, Tom CHATTANOOGA BOILER & TANK COMPANY CHATTANOOGA Boiler&TankCompany A CENTURY OF FABRICATION AND ERECTION AT A GLANCE CHATTANOOGA BOILER & TANK COMPANY WHAT: A fabricator of tanks, stacks, silos, and pressure vessels WHERE: Chattanooga, Tennessee WEBSITE: