42 43 T he Rubik’s Cube is an iconic toy that’s been around nearly as long as anyone can remem- ber, but most people don’t know that it was never intended to be a toy. The Magic Cube, as it was originally dubbed, was invent- ed in 1974 by Ernõ Rubik. This professor from Budapest had designed the Cube as a model to help explain 3-dimensional geometry. After its invention, it took Rubik nearly a month to solve his own puzzle. “It was a code I myself had invented, yet I could not read it,” he once wrote. It wasn’t until the 1979 Nuremberg Toy Fair that the world got its first look at the Rubik’s Cube. There, in a little back corner of the fair, the Magic RUBIK’S BRAND LIMITED NOT JUST THAT RETROTOYANYMORE AT A GLANCE RUBIK’S BRAND LIMITED WHAT: A toy and game manufacturer WHERE: London, England WEBSITE: