278 279 Wallace & Wallace COLDWELL BANKER REALTORS COLDWELL BANKER WALLACE &WALLACE REALTORS A LEGACY IN EAST TENNESSEE REAL ESTATE W hen it comes to the family real estate biz, George Wallace and Jim Wallace are brokers, owners, and, quite literally, brothers in arms. The east Tennessee legacy started in 1936 with Charles Wallace and his father, James Wallace. In 1945, Charles’ brother, J.A.Wallace, joined the company, then, in 1974, his son Jim signed on, followed by Jim’s brother, George, in 1983. The long-time affiliation with Coldwell Banker began in 1988.With the jovial siblings leading the way, Coldwell Banker Wallace & Wallace Realtors has now become the go-to agency for home buyers in eastern Tennessee. Wallace & Wallace has seven offices, 350 agents, and 40 employees serving nine counties in the greater Knoxville MSA (Metropolitan Statis- tical Area). Under their purview are residential sales, commercial sales, property management, a title company, and a marketing services agree- AT A GLANCE COLDWELL BANKER WALLACE &WALLACE REALTORS WHAT: East Tennessee’s premier, full-service real estate firm WHERE: Knoxville, Tennessee WEBSITE: