252 253 CASA COLINA ADDICTION TREATMENT CENTER Casa Colina AddictionTreatmentCenter FOR A HEALTHY LIFE T he field of addiction recovery is both full of resources and filled with fluctuation. It is undoubted- ly difficult for individuals seeking addiction treatment to find the correct course of action amongst the myriad of options. The mark of a superior addiction treatment center, however, is simple: it’s one of trust. Casa Colina has built its facili- ty, staff, and patient support system on trust.A 20-year dream finally realized, Casa Colina is a 90-daymen’s treatment center just outside of Dallas,Texas, that offers its patients a fully immersive experience that lays the ground- work for a healthy life ahead. Casa Colina is the product of its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Chico West, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Cer- tified Experiential Therapist; and the father of a patient he once helped. “The man that owns the property that Casa Colina is located on is the father of a young man I worked with 10 years ago,”West recounts. Long after the young man received treatment, the relationship with the family continued and, according to West, the father, “called me in the fall of 2014 and said, ‘I just bought this property and it’s perfect for a treatment center.’ I had shared with him over the years that I wanted to open a 90-day all-male AT A GLANCE CASA COLINA ADDICTION TREATMENT CENTER WHAT: A men’s residential treatment facility WHERE: Waxahachie, Texas WEBSITE: www.casac