238 239 Safetyminded, service driven! (877) 468-6270 GCR Tire Centres offers a wide range of superior tire brands from the world’s leading manufacturers including Bridgestone, Firestone, associated brands and Hankook tires. Our tire inventories include passenger and light trucks tires, large trucks, agriculture and forestry, industrial products and OTR tires. Also providing 24-hour, 7-day-a-week road service calls! Fleet inspections Tire Balancing Retreading Rotations & More! investing inresearchtobetterunderstandpublicpercep- tionsaroundTransit andhowtheycanbeusedtohelp peoplechooseTransitoverdrivingtheirownvehicles to getwhere theyaregoing. HalifaxTransitoperatesoneof onlytwo large-scale publictransit ferryoperations inthecountry.Theother is SeaBus inVancouver,BC.Reagesays,“It’sa fairlyrare form ofpublictransit inCanadabut,I cantellyou,it’s thebest waytoget towork.It’s sucha relaxingexperienceandan iconofHalifax.We recentlylaunchedanewferry,theVin- centColeman.Soexciting! Since2014,we’vebought four newvesselsandwehaveonemore tocome inAugust.” Thesenewferrieswill plythewaters for30to40years, year-round,inthe ice-freeharbor.Halifaxbeingahilly city,prone towinter snowstorms,busescanhave issues climbingthehills,but the ferries rarelyget canceled.“We hadHurricane Juan in2003,”Reage recalls,“andthe ferries didn’t runduringthestormbutnextmorning,whenthe citywas inshambles,the ferrieswereout theresailing across theharbor,asymbol ofnormalcy.” Municipal taxesandfarespayfor thebulkof transit funding.Additional financial support comes fromthe fed- eral government throughthePublicTransit Infrastructure Fund,including50percent cost sharingonsomecapital projects.TheProvinceofNovaScotiaalsocontributes,to the tuneof$2millionperyear.Emissionrequirements for allHalifaxTransitdiesel enginesarebasedonU.S. EPAstandards.Reagesays,“Anytimewe replaceanold buswithanewone,wegainsomeefficiency,aswell asa reduction inparticulateandgreenhousegasemissions. But thepathwe’restartingonnowisaroundbattery-pow- eredelectricbuses; notailpipeemissions.That’s theway of the future.It’salreadyhappening insmall drovesacross thecountry.We just receivedcouncil approval toenter Intelligent Transportation Systems WHAT WE DO n Strategic ITS Roadmaps n Modernization PMOs n Operational Reviews n ITS Big Data Business Intelligence OUR ITS SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTISE n Strategic Management Consulting n Solutions Architecture n Program/Project Planning n Program/Project Implementation n Organizational Change Management n Business Process Optimization n Systems Analysis & Configuration n Big Data Analytics Barrington Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), a division of The Barrington Consulting Group, takes a different approach to ITS consulting. We are leaders in aligning business strategy with people and processes, to ensure your ITS implementation makes a positive difference to your organization. We specialize in the full lifecycle of ITS, from requirements analysis and solution selection, to implementation and business transition, through to systems and business process optimization. Our focus and expertise provides us with a unique perspective and we use our years of experience and flexible approaches to support your success in modernizing and transforming your business. HALIFAX TRANSIT intopartnerships for electricbuses.Thevehicles shouldbe herenextyear,andwe’ll dosomepilots toget asenseof howtheyrun inthenetwork.” HalifaxTransit ispartneringwithNovaScotiaPower for energystoragesolutions.Inthemodel they’recontem- plating,chargingstationsare locatedat the terminals.A buswouldgooutonanhour-longroundtrip,comeback tothe terminal for a10-minute top-upcharge,thengo out for another trip.Reageexplains,“Thechallenge tothat model is thatNovaScotiaPowerwouldprefer tosell us energyovernight,which ischeaper throughtime-of-day billing.We’re lookingathowwecancharge thesestations upovernight,totakeadvantageof lower electricitycosts, andthenrelease itduringtheday.Another fuel solution is compressednatural gas,andwe’ll bedoingastudycom- paringthe two.Ultimately,I suspectwe’ll haveamixed fleetof electricanddiesel,withsomenatural gas,instead of apurelydiesel fleet.” Busesareacquiredthroughapurchaseprocess.Nova BusoutofMontreal andNewFlyer inWinnipegare the twomajorplayers inCanada thatmanufacturediesel buses.Theyareboth intheelectricbusmarket aswell, whilea fewother companiesmanufactureelectricbuses