184 185 F ebruary 2018 marked the 28th anniversary of the City of SeaTac,Wash- ington.While young and modest in size at 10 square miles, SeaTac is a compact and bustling community with a resident population of 28,850 that grows to 171,000 during daytime hours due to the large employment base and the traveling public.And SeaTac is growing–largely due to its loca- tion. Situated halfway between Seattle and Tacoma,Washington, the city is home to the Seattle– Tacoma International Airport– the 9th largest airport in terms of passenger count, and one of the fastest-growing in the Unit- ed States. “Everything we do commer- THE CITY OF SEATAC CHARTING THE COURSE FOR GROWTH The City of AT A GLANCE THE CITY OF SEATAC WHAT: A city of 28,850 WHERE: Northwest Washington, between Seattle and Tacoma WEBSITE: