162 163 ©2018 Musco Sports Lighting, LLC · ADTN18-3 Congratulations City of Murfreesboro on Miracle Field at McKnight Park from the Musco Lighting Team and bike trails,providing not just recreational oppor- tunities,but also looking to growa community that recognizes wellness and alternate transportation.We have 14 completedmiles and a construction project with an additional three,underway.So,byhaving a complete park system,byhavingwellness and recre- ational opportunities,and byproviding support for a good qualityof life–that is a drawand an incentive.” “With the completion of the threemiles of greenway, you’ll be able to traverse the entire town–17miles through the Cityof Murfreesboro,”Laird adds.“You can camp out at one of our outskirt parks,hike back,and never leave the city limits.There’s not manycities that can do that.”Moody says,“The greenway system is another one of the jewels in our crown.” While paying attention to its parks,Murfreesboro is also intent on revitalizing its historicdowntown.“Most recently,we’ve undertaken a couple of land use studies and have a big vision for the revitalization of some specific areas downtown,”Moody reports.“What the studies have shown us is that more peoplewant to live downtown and theywant more things to do.So, one of the things we sawis that we have assets that are already in place and a perfect opportunity to create an arts and entertainment district in our downtown,So, that’s been a focus.” “Another is improving pedestrian connections.We have a five-lane highway that divides part of our downtown andwe have a vision for a bridge over the roadway,but also improving the at-grade crossings to better connect the north and south ends of downtown. And then,we also have plans for daylighting a creek in the historicBottoms area of downtown.We think that there’s a stormwater system improvement that we can gain from it but,we’re not just going to open the creek for that purpose–we plan onmaking it an amenity, an attractive park-like setting that will be attractive to development and,hopefully,we’ll seemore residential andmixed-use projects built around it. “Within the last year,a lot of our efforts have cen- tered around one block in our downtown,wherewe had an older church in our community that was sitting empty; part of the buildingwas occupied bya bank for manyyears,and then theydecided tomove out.The cityhas purchased that entire blockandwe accepted competitive proposals and,now,we’reworkingwith a developer onwhat I thinkwill be an iconicproject unlike anything elsewe have downtown.It’s a five-sto- ry,mixed-use development that will have retail and restaurants on the bottom,a 60-roomboutique hotel component,residential condos,and publicparking. So,that’s a reallyexciting project.Andwe just had the countybuild a newsixstory,$50million judicial build- ing–another iconicproject that’s changing the face of downtown.And there are other investments,both in residential and commercial properties.So,we have a lot going on.” Alot going on,indeed.It’s no“miracle,”then,why Murfreesboro,Tennessee is the fastest-growing,and one of themost livable cities,in theVolunteer State. MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE PREFERRED VENDOR n Musco Lighting