130 131 PREFERRED VENDORS n Irpco Irpco was established in 1973 to provide coupled curb pump hose assemblies to Petroleum Equipment Distributors (PED) and Original Equipment Manufac- turers (OEM’s). Based in Charleston, West Virginia, the company was the first assembler to offer UL listed assemblies and the first in the industry to be ISO-cer- tified. n Husky n Krueger Sentry Gauge n Modern Welding Company pandedwell beyond Florida.“We currentlyemploy about 180 service technicians that cover from the outer banks of North Carolina all theway to Key West,”Batchelor reports.“Andwe just wrapped up an acquisition in Charlotte,North Carolina (Southeastern PetroleumSystem),which represents our 13th regional office across the Southeast.” What does Batchelor believe is the secret to his success andwhat sets himapart fromother fueling companies across the country?“I would saynumber one,it’s the caliber of people that we have,”he states. “One of the things that I’ve always believed,maybe it’s because of the time I spent in theMarine Corps,but I’ve always believed that the companywith the best people and the best training is going towin.” It’s no surprise then,that Guardian FuelingTechnol- ogies is also a verypro-veteran companyandmakes it a point to hire asmanymilitaryveterans as possible. “Our human resource director spends a lot of time inmilitary trade shows andmilitary job fairs where peoplewho are getting out of themilitaryand looking tomove into the civilianworld are looking for jobs,” Batchelor notes. The core of the company,and the true secret to its success,though,is the service that it provides to so manyclients across the SoutheasternUnited States. “Service is our biggest revenue generator,even as big as we are,”he said.“People find it hard to believe sometimes.They think theyhave a good service busi- ness.They’re doing amillion or twomillion dollars a year revenuewith it. Well,we’ll do over $50million this year-just in service.”And that’s for a company that is expecting to pull in a total of $100million in overall revenue in 2018. Modern Welding Company of Florida, Inc. n 800-641-6789 n As a provider of petroleum stor- age tanks since 1932, Modern Welding Company understands the importance of quality construction and reliability. Unlike fiberglass tanks that are vulnerable to product leaks caused by delamination, leaching, cracking and blistering, Modern Quality Steel Tanks offer undisputed structural su- periority and compatibility. Invest in a partner you can trust. MODERN WELDING COMPANY THE FIRST NAME IN FUEL STORAGE H U S KY | H EW I T T | B J E | B E N E CO R | E N E VO | R S MADE INTHEU.S.A. AN INDUSTRY REVOLUTIONIZED AT 375°. FOR MORE STORIES OF HUSKY INNOVATION VISIT HUSKY.COM HUSKY PIONEERING SPIRIT In 1947, filling up with gas meant the possibility of scratching up your car. So, Husky founder Eugene Sutcliffe began to heat form rubber fuel nozzle guards in his kitchen oven. Today, with 75 patents in petroleum dispensing nozzles and accessories, Husky isn’t just changing the industry, it continues to revolutionize it. 800.888.9136 REAL TIME | CLOUD-BASED FUEL | FLEET | DATA TELEMATICS GUARDIAN FUELING TECHNOLOGIES With any large business,it’s important to look toward the future–and that’s exactlywhat Batchelor and his teamare doing.“We have something that we call Vision 2025,and two years ago,I sat downwithmy leadership teamand said‘What dowewant our business to look like in 2025?”That meet- ing allowed them to outline howmanyoffices theywanted to have opened by that time,howtheywould boost their reputation,and even the kind of people that theywanted to employ.The goal,right now,is to have 25 regional offices open by2025 to cover the entire southernUnited States. So,Global FuelingTechnologies is well on its way to be- coming the premiere service and equipment company for the Southeast’s fuel needs.Its service first mentalitymight seem a little odd in an industry that is dedicated to equipment distribution rather than service,but it has served Batchelor well for the last two decades andwill likelycontinue to do so, well into the future. n Syn-Tech Systems, Inc.