126 127 F uel supplies are an integral part of an enormous number of industries.Fuel is necessary to power the fleets that carry products from the factories where they aremanufactured to their final destinations.It powers the cars that carry individual workers from their homes to their jobs.However,in spite of its importance,fueling isn’t a high growth industry. According to JoeyBatchelor,President of Guardian FuelingTechnologies,“It’s very frag- mented. It’s an old industry. It’s not real sexy.” Yet,in spite of its lackof sexappeal,Guardian FuelingTechnologies is quickly setting itself up as a fuel superpower,at least in the Southeast- ernUnited States.Here’s a lookat the company, where it all began,andwhere it’s hoping to go in the future. Batchelor didn’t start out trying to become a SERVICE FIRST LEADS TO INDUSTRY SUCCESS GUARDIAN FUELING TECHNOLOGIES GUARDIAN FUELING TECHNOLOGIES AT A GLANCE GUARDIAN FUELING TECHNOLOGIES WHAT: A company that sells, installs, and services petroleum systems WHERE: Jacksonville, Florida WEBSITE: