124 125 AVALANWIRELESS SYSTEMS up a cloud services operationwithin our company. Where,in the past youmight have had to have an ITguyon your staff,24/7,to take care of your network connections,we offer that service,where we can remotelymonitor and control and track the performance of your network fromour location.For us,that’s created a recurring revenue stream,above and beyond just our hardware and software sales, andwe’re looking at adding networkmanagement services to all those devices that we’re adding out there.” Nelson admits that one of the struggles that AvaLANhas had over the years has been getting theword out about what it does and the solutions that it offers.“Part of the reason is that a lot of our solutions are embedded,” he explains.“It’s kind of like you don’t see an Intel chip everydaybecause it’s inside your computer or inside your phone.We’re similar in that we’re be- hind the scene.That wonderful Internet of Things,with all those cool sensors that allowyou to remotelycollect data and interact with things wouldn’t be possiblewithout the proper infrastruc- ture for being able to get there.And that’s wherewe come in; we’re kind of the glue that holds it all together.We talkaboutAvaLAN-enabled technology, orAvaLAN inside.Youmight not see theAvaLAN logo on the outside,but we’re there.” Small but mighty,indeed.