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Tetra Pak announces that a new
version of its Tetra Top package,
more than 80 percent of which
comes from plant-based materi-
als, will make its global debut in
the United States with JUST wa-
“We started JUST with the be-
lief that everyday products should
evolve in ways that will continually
reduce their impact on the envi-
ronment while creating positive
impact in communities where we
operate,” said Grace Jeon, CEO
of JUST. “Compared with differ-
ent types of plastic water bottles,
this bottle innovation significantly
reduces the product’s carbon foot-
print which aligns well with our
business ethos.”
The new generation carton bottle
now comes with a cap and top
made from high-density polyeth-
ylene (HDPE) derived from sugar-
cane. Combined with the FSC-certified paperboard
used in the main sleeve of the carton, this pushes its
renewable content up from 53 percent to 82 percent,
with no impact to its recyclability.
This unique bio-based bottle deliv-
ers another milestone in a long line
of successful environmental inno-
vations at Tetra Pak.
Use of renewable materials, de-
fined as natural resources that can
be replenished over time, such as
wood fiber from trees or bio-based
plastic from sugarcane, plays an im-
portant role in mitigating resource
scarcity and climate change.
“Packages made from renewable
materials are not only good for the
environment, but also offer our cus-
tomers a competitive advantage,”
said Charles Brand, executive
vice-president Product Manage-
ment and Commercial Operations
at Tetra Pak. “Consumers choose
JUST water because they appreci-
ate its brand values, and want this
to be reflected in the whole user
experience. We are pleased to
have come up with a package that is aligned with this
focus without compromising convenience and func-
First Tetra Top Carton Bottle with
Bio-Based Plastic Hits the
Market with JUST Water
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