Business View Magazine March 2023

41 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 3 DYNAMIC RISK is still critically important, and in order to get through any proposed transition period, we will need to upgrade and sustain our current systems.” He adds, “We also need to recognize that a lot of the electricity used today is powered by natural gas and other hydrocarbons, so there is still a certain level of dependency upon it regardless. We are in the transportation business far more so than the oil and gas business, and the safest, most energy-efficient, and least disruptive way to transport these kinds of materials is with pipelines.” Vieth continues with a note to some of Dynamic Risk’s current partners and collaborators. “We have great ties with several technical and industry associations such as API (American Petroleum Institute), PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), and INGAA (Interstate Natural Gas Association of America). I would also like to mention the young professional organization, Young Pipeliners International (YPI). This is an umbrella organization that brings 9, IS UE 12 Textrix Inc. (Textrix) specializes in automated Microsoft Word template systems for large- to-giga projects, and multinational clients. Automated solutions are scalable: the bigger the scale, the more time saved. Recently, Textrix deployed enhanced automation in Microsoft Word and trained dozens of Dynamic Risk engineers in its use. This specialized, precision, power drill makes a conventional Word template seem like a hand drill. Textrix and Dynamic Risk have been proud, productive partners since 2017. For more information, email: “Mr. Derek Rosner, Director of Textrix Inc., has been instrumental over the years in helping Dynamic Risk set editorial styles and create report templates that present our work products in a highly professional manner. He also has innovated automation in our templates to streamline and remove common opportunities for inconsistencies. On our most critical reports (i.e., legal, regulatory, major projects), Derek lends his editorial prowess to help us ensure the highest written quality product possible. He is one in a million and we’re lucky to have him as a partner” –Mr. Steve Biagiotti, Chief Engineer, Dynamic Risk.