Business View Magazine March 2023

37 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 3 ounded in 1996, Dynamic Risk began with a vision to reshape the way pipeline operators ensure their assets are fit for service and safe to operate. Today, this company is a world leader in pipeline risk and integrity management, working to guide the industry toward true efficiency throughout the asset life cycle. Dynamic Risk is part of Previan, a fast-growing, innovative, and private industrial technology group focused on advanced diagnostic technologies to monitor the world’s infrastructure health. Dynamic Risk’s technology-enabled solutions support Previan’s mission to make a safe and sustainable future possible and preservice the integrity of our world’s critical infrastructure and assets. Dynamic Risk offers a comprehensive suite of products and expertise that includes but is not limited to Consulting (engineering assistance, field services, management & advisory consulting, enterprise risk management, upstream services, pipeline reliability assurance management), Predictive Analytics (projects insight, data validation, and data quality assessment), and Software supporting Pipeline Risk Management and F INCREAS AND RELIA