Business View Magazine | March 2018

6 MARCH / APRIL 2018 Opening Lines TRAVEL INSURANCE COMPARISONWEBSITE, TRAVELINSURAN S olo travel will always represent one of the largest segments of the travel market.And,as intrepid lone travelers hit the road this year,Trav- recommends some special planning tips to help them travel safely. “Traveling alone can be an exciting,en- lightening and personallyrewarding ad- venture,however it’s important to be extra vigilant as traveling solo is not without its own considerations,”said Stan Sandberg, travel expert and co-founder of TravelInsur- . “While getting off the grid is part of the appeal,sharing your travel plans and check- ing inwith someone at home on a regu- lar basis is important.Equally important, investing in an emergency travel medical and evacuation planmay just save your life.Travel medical and emergencyevacu- ation coverage can be inexpensive and are included inmany travel insurance plans.” Here are four things solo travelers can do tominimize risks and ensure a smooth adventure, n Purchase travel insurance.If something goes wrong on your trip,travel insurance can be almost as good as having a travel companion.Comprehensive travel insur- ance plans typicallyinclude trip cancella-