Business View Magazine | March 2018

26 T hose of a certain agemight remember a timewhen salesmenwould knockon their doors with the intent of selling them the latest vacuumcleaner,the newest cos- metics or houseware products,or even themost up-to- date set of encyclopedias.Andwhile very fewdoor-to-door sales- people continue to pound the pavement today inAmerica,direct selling-themarketing and selling of products directly to consumers away froma fixed,retail location–is still verymuch alive,both in the United States and around theworld. Today,millions of individuals workas direct selling consultants, adding tens of billions of dollars ayear to the U.S.economy.These self-employed,mini-entrepreneurs generallypurchase a company’s products or services at a discount,and thenmarket these offerings to friends,family,and others,while earning commissions from their sales.Themost successful consultants often decide to expand their business bybuilding their own networkof down-market,direct sellers.The companies they represent market all types of goods and THE DIRECT SELLING ASSOCIATION DIRECT SELLING ASSOCIATION THE REPRESENTING FACE-TO-FACE RETAILERS