Business View Magazine | March 2018

121 years or more invested in the firm.Our salesmanager, AlbertHoekstra, has been here for 26years.Having a teamwith 150-plus years of collective experience is another one of our recipes for success. “We have a lot of repeat business,thanks to our very personal customer service system.No voice automa- tion-there’s always a person answering the phone and greeting you at the store.People like that we address themby their first name.Alot of themhave been with us for years.Theymaychange their hats and the company theydeal with,but theyalways keep coming here.” Hoekstra: “As we’vegrown as a company,we’re opening up to a lot of different markets.The industry is reallybecoming automated in the supplybusiness and the end user is no longer dealingwith people.So,we’re focusing our attitude on relationships with customers, to gain ground.” BVM: Howdo you differentiate yourselves from the competitors? Primmer: “We pride ourselves on flexibilityand independence.We dowhatever it takes tomake the customer happy.We cover awide breadth of product AT A GLANCE MACKENZIE MILNE WHAT: Provider of Safety and Industrial Supplies WHERE: Sarnia, Ontario WEBSITE: