Business View Magazine - March 2016

96 Business View Magazine - April 2016 Business View Magazine - April 2016 97 The Oaks of Clearwater Caring, compassionate service for seniors The Oaks of Clearwater is a fifteen-story high-rise locat- ed on the intercoastal waterway of Clearwater Beach, Florida. It is owned and managed by TJM Properties, an acquisition and management firm specializing in hotels and senior living. Madeline McCarthy is a TJM Director. She is responsible for the company’s port- folio of Senior Living Communities, and ensuring that they all deliver “Caring, Compassionate Service” to their residents. She describes the history and present status of the Oaks of Clearwater, today, one of the top retirement and senior living residences in the greater Tampa Bay area. “The Oaks of Clearwater was originally built to be a retirement community, approximately 30 years ago,” McCarthy relates. “When our company acquired the management of the property in 2001, the original plan of the previous owner was to turn the property into condos. But the ownership of our company decided that it wanted to keep it with the purpose of serving senior citizens and to continue it as a retirement com- munity. And that’s what it still is, today.” One unique aspect of the Oaks of Clearwater is that it encompasses every level of care offered by the senior living sector. McCarthy explains: “We have indepen- dent living, assisted living, a memory care community, and a nursing home, which is a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center. So, we have a full-service retire- ment community that encompasses all levels of care. Usually, retirement communities focus on an individu- al sector, or, potentially, two. It is rare that a communi- ty encompasses all levels of care. But for us, it’s quite an advantage because it gives us the opportunity to afford seniors who move into our community, say at an independent living level, the opportunity to age in place, which is really great for the continuity of their care, and also for our operation.” Fran Davis is the Oaks’ Assisted Living Administrator, responsible for all the staff and functions of the As- sisted Living portion of the community. Assisted Living is the ideal retirement solution for seniors who wish to remain independent, but require some assistance with the activities of daily living. Davis’ job is to ensure that all residents receive the necessary physical, men- tal, and social care they need to thrive, commensurate with their individual requirements. She talks about some of the facility’s distinctive services offered in her AT A GLANCE WHO: The Oaks of Clearwater WHAT: A full-service retirement community WHERE: Clearwater, FL. WEBSITE :