June 2018

220 221 PREFERRED VENDORS n Rocky Combat Boots www.rockyboots.com ROCKY Boots is a world leader in rugged outdoor and occu- pational footwear. Nearly 3,000 retail and catalog outlets carry ROCKY footwear. The ROCKY goal to provide quality outdoor footwear has not changed since the doors opened 70 years ago. n Transhield Inc. www.transhield-usa.com TRANSHIELD-USA.COM PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT Transhield has developed the most advanced fabrics to protect machinery and equipment from costly and unpredictable environmental hazards. The custom-fit covers are easy to install and shrink to provide an aerodynamic fit, which keeps road debris, dust, and dirt out of equipment. be dropped down to three or four days to provide us with a sole source contract,” she explains. “It streamlines the process for our end users.” Anticipating a spike in business, the company recently invested in new software that further makes the procurement process easier for both Shore Solutions, as well as its military customers who require strict accountability and faultless financial records. “This software allows us to track, record, report, and project for end users to help them be better equipped for requirements and inspection,” Banker relates. Going forward, Banker says she wants Shore Solutions “to be seen as a company that can be relied upon and one that raises the bar when it comes to the level of support we provide. Our vision for the organization is to better the lives of the heroes we serve by delivering superior solutions for their everyday needs. And in order to accomplish that, we need to improve not only our internal process but our external process; to have horizontal and vertical growth in different mar- kets and increase our offerings in all of the cur- rent contracts that we hold. In five years, my goal is to be at $25 million in revenue, and there’s not an obstacle that I foresee preventing us meeting that goal.” Banker believes that the company’s culture will get it where she wants it to go. “It’s built on Accountability, Communication, Trust, Growth, and Excellence,” she declares. “One of the many things I learned while serving in the military is that hav- ing a strong, united team is imperative to having long-term success.” Equally essential, she adds, is the company’s relationships with its vendors. “Our suppliers are just as important as our customers, if not more, because without them we couldn’t fulfill our mission. The top manufacturers that we deal with on a regular basis, the ones that we are most successful with, are ones that work with military, are prior military, or have the same type of passion that we do. It makes for great team- SHORE SOLUTIONS work and excellent service, because we both have the same objective. That’s why I love the business that we’re in–be- cause of the relationships. Not just with the customers, but with the vendors and manufacturers, as well.” The most important aspect, though, of the Shore Solutions business model is the integrity with which Banker and her team operate their firm. “I want people to see Shore Solutions as an organization that is built on a moral compass,” she asserts. “At the end of the day, yes, we need money to grow, but it’s not why we do what we do. The real benefit is taking care of our military. It’s our mission: To ensure our heroes are always mission ready. And I absolutely love what I do.”