June 2018

214 215 SHORE SOLUTIONS MISSION READY SHORE SOLUTIONS A fter a rough childhood in her native Ohio, and then in Los Angeles, Liz Banker joined the U.S. Navy at age 18 and proudly served four years on the Destroyer, USS Howard. “It was the best decision of my life,” she ex- claims, “it’s also how I ended up in San Diego. A month after I got out, I got a call from a friend I served with, asking me if I wanted a sales job selling to the government. I was only working part time and I could use the money, so I said ‘Yes.’ It was at this job I found my calling. I was intrigued with how the military purchased things and even more intrigued with the obstacles and challenges they faced every day, simply trying to maintain operational readiness.” What Banker also saw as she pursued her new career, and which troubled her, was an industry wherein some players were cutting corners to increase profits. “How can you serve our heroes, in the best country in the world, and not feel a moral obligation to serve them with integrity,” she wondered at the time. “It was at that mo- AT A GLANCE SHORE SOLUTIONS WHAT: A product pro- curer and distributor specializing in military, federal, and state sales WHERE: Chula Vista, California WEBSITE: www.shore solutions.com