June 2018

124 125 PREFERRED VENDOR n Panasonic Eco Solutions North America business.panasonic.com/ solarpanels A powerful partner in your corner. Panasonic has been pioneering solar power since the green revolution began. Our high-efficiency HIT® solar panels provide homeown- ers with what we believe are the most efficient modules available today. Backed by one of America’s most trusted brands, experienced installers stand behind their work with our complete 25-year Triple Guard warranty. Let’s take your business to profitable new levels together. trying to accomplish.” Sullivan adds that keeping up with these changes requires constant attention. “We have to remain vigilant at all times to make sure that the state policies support continued growth of on- site, renewable generation,” he avers. “So, we stay engaged and we provide regulators and legisla- tors what they need to provide good policy direc- tion, so that the people who have gone solar will be secure in their investments and people who are considering going solar will also have secure invest- ments through the use of mechanisms like grand- fathering provisions and so on. By staying engaged on the regulatory side–that’s what’s really going to make sure that this market continues to grow.” Going forward, Sullivan says that his mission hasn’t really changed since day one: “From the onset, Sullivan Solar Power has worked to, as our tagline says,‘Lead the solar energy revolution. Ultimately,what we want to do is create a society that is 100 percent fossil fuel-free.We have nearly 10,000 customers today; over the next five years, we’re going to systematically provide them with source solutions that move them completely off the grid. I want to see a society where we are not beholden to investor-owned utilities that produce power by burning fossil fuels from parts of the world that want to see our demise. Our goal is to make the world better through renewable energy, and, in the next five years,with incorporating stor- age,we’re going to be much closer to making that a reality.” “We have the technology, today, to be 100 per- cent free of fossil fuel,” Sullivan states, in sum- SULLIVAN SOLAR POWER mation. “We have electric vehicles that perform better than internal combustion cars, which can be powered by a solar power system; we have battery technology that is cost-effective in the residential sector. You combine those three things together, and we are now at the point that the vision that started this company is being realized on a daily basis. The old narrative that solar power is expen- sive, that it will never be able to stand on its own two feet, or that it can’t power everything that we need it to power, is dead. It’s been disproven.We can move boldly into the future and adopt this technology and show the rest of the world that it can be done. That is what leadership is.We need to show everyone on this planet that we can do this and that we have the resources required to get it done.”