June 2018

116 117 SULLIVAN SOLAR POWER THE TECHNOLOGY TO GET IT DONE S ullivan Solar Power of California, Inc. provides de- sign, installation, and maintenance services for solar power and energy storage systems. The company was founded in 2004 by Daniel Sullivan, as a response to three events that, he says, came together to inspire him to become a part of the solar revolution; the first was the birth of his son in 1999, the second was an energy crisis in Cali- fornia, and the third was the war in Iraq: “Those three events made it clear to me that something needed to be done to rid our country from its dependence on imported fossil fuels and, with the birth of my son, I saw that I needed to do something to make the world a better place for him.” An electrician by trade, Sullivan says that he went to his employer at the time to try and convince him to enter the AT A GLANCE SULLIVAN SOLAR POWER WHAT: Design, installs, and maintains solar power and energy storage systems WHERE: San Diego, California WEBSITE: www.sullivan solarpower.com