Business View Magazine - July 2023

262 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 7 a drop in tourist-related airport traffic late last year. This was, he said: “Partly due to the economy, partly we believe, as well, people choosing to travel internationally, because they were finally able to do that. You know, during COVID, we had a lot of local tourism where people would get in their cars when they could, drive to a place like Muskoka or choose to spend their holidays in a nearby district in Ontario, like Muskoka. But then, once they have the opportunity to travel internationally, that’s where they chose to spend their travel dollars in 2022. So we did see a dip over the last 12 months.” But thankfully, Lehman added, this year’s numbers look much better. And O’Connor said the airport’s focus this year is on business development, both commercially and recreationally, and community involvement. “And we are working on getting scheduled service back in here,” he said. “Those are the top three priorities right now.” PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n FOWLER FOWLER: Trusted since 1949 INFRASTRUCTURE • AGGREGATES • PAVING• HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE • CONSTRUCTION n Icarus Aviation ICARUS Aerospace Services Inc. is a Transport Canada, F.A.A. and EASA approved design, certification and manufacturing organization that specializes in aircraft modifications, engineering services, special mission aircraft conversions, logistics support and integrated kit solutions. Facilities are located in Toronto. Contact us: for more information. n Tetra Tech Canada Inc