July 2018

308 309 PREFERRED VENDORS n WK Dickson & Co., Inc. www.wkdickson.com Founded in 1929, WK Dickson is a multi-disciplined consulting firm specializing in total community infra- structure solutions including airport planning and de- sign, environmental and water resources engineering, land development, energy services, and geospatial technology. Our goal is to help communities improve the lives of its citizens through sound, environmental- ly responsible design principals. n Fenix Air Charter www.fenixaircharter.com n Rifenburg Companies www.rifenburg.com years, the property would go back to the city and then we’d probably build in some type of renewal process during that time.” Connorton’s vision for the Airport includes, first and foremost, ensuring that customer service continues to be exemplary, but also to generate additional revenue by selling more fuel. Howev- er, his thinking extends beyond just operational matters. “I want to be an outreach for the City of Spartanburg to introduce aviation to young people,” says Connorton, who’s been a pilot since 1989. “I want to really make sure that we provide the facilities here so that it doesn’t just become a rich man’s club - for the wealthy only. I want to make sure that young people can come out here and experience aviation first-hand and to develop lots of different programs to do that. “Myself, I teach free ground-school on week- ends for young children and new students. To- morrow, for example, I’m going to a local school to talk about aviation with a bunch of young children to see if they’d be interested in it. I really SPARTANBURG DOWNTOWN MEMORIAL AIRPORT want the Airport to have a lot of good will through the city and provide an interest in aviation in young people. I want to make sure that we’re reaching out not just to people that have airplanes. I want to make sure we’re reaching out to people who don’t, but can see the possi- bilities. That’s really important to me.” Rifenburg Construction, Inc. www.rifenburg.com HEAVY HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION COMMERCIAL APHALT & CONCRETE PAVING LANDFILLS SITE DEVELOPMENT AIRPORTS EQUIPMENT SALES AND RENTALS SAND AND GRAVEL 159 Brick Church Road Troy, NY 12180 Phone: (518) 279-3265 Fax: (518) 279-4260 440 West Barbee Street, Zebulon, NC  27597 Phone: (919)765-8359 Fax: (919)598-1810