July 2018

292 293 TELLURIDE REGIONAL AIRPORT HIGH AND SAFE T he Telluride Regional Airport (TEX) is a public airport located in southwest Colorado, approximately five miles west of the Town of Telluride. The Airport was built using private and federal funds in the 1980s and opened in 1984. It has the honor of being the highest commercial airport in the United States at 9,070 feet above sea level and boasts over 9,500 operations per year. The Airport is owned and operated by the Telluride Regional Airport Authority (TRAA), governed by a Board of Com- missioners, consisting of twelve members who serve four-year terms. The Airport Manager and a complement of twelve airport staff are responsi- ble for its day-to-day operations. Telluride, itself, is a resort community which is driven economically by tourism. The Airport was built on the premise that the people coming to AT A GLANCE TELLURIDE REGIONAL AIRPORT WHAT: A public-use, general aviation airport WHERE: Telluride, Colorado WEBSITE: www.tellurideairport.com recreate in Telluride would rather fly to the area instead of drive. This objective was partially in- tended to help ward off increased vehicle usage and subsequent needs, such as parking, in an effort to maintain the area’s rich environmental culture. Serving a resort community, the Airport expe- riences a wide-variety of demand, which creates operational challenges as well as opportunities, while offering both commercial and general avi- ation options. Past commercial passenger airline