88 89 AT A GLANCE | MURRAY HOMES WHAT: A luxury custom home builder WHERE: Sarasota, Florida WEBSITE: www.murrayhomesinc.com MURRAY HOMES THE RECIPE FOR SUCCESS T here is an old saying in the restaurant business that there are three things that are absolutely necessary for success: location, location, and location! That tongue-in-cheek locution of the necessity of being where the action is may well be applied to the area of home construction. At least Steve Murray, President of Murray Homes of Sarasota, Florida, a luxury home builder, believes it to be so, and that being in the right place at the right time has certainly contrib- uted to his company’s success. “If you do a Google search on Sarasota, and see where we come in terms of rankings - best places to retire, best small cities to live in, best beaches to visit - we rank right up there with all of them,” he declares. “We’re somewhere where everybody else wants to live. So, we’re getting good national press, which is leading to a lot of increased MURRAY HOMES