74 75 T he first Old Chicago Pizza and Tap Room restaurant opened in Boulder, Colorado in 1976.“Our founder was from the Midwest and he reallymissed great pizza,” says Mark Belanger,Vice President for Global Franchise Op- erations & Development for CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Old Chicago’s corporate parent.“In addition, he also was a big fan of beer. So, in 1976,we did two things: we brought authentic, Chica- go-style pizza to Colorado-and we started the World Beer Tour.” According to Belanger, the World Beer Tour was the first-ever restaurant loyalty program. Patrons sign up to sample a grand total of 110 different beers, including well-recognized national brands, regional and local craft beers, and seasonal selections. Entrants receive a card that tracks all of their beers consumed and upon reaching 110,winners gets a plaque with their name, and at most stores a personal quote, hung in their designated “home” Old Chicago location.As an added bonus,WBTmembers also earn points based on previous purchases that can be traded in for vari- THE CRAFT BEER AUTHORITY