42 43 C arbon dioxide (chemical formula CO2), is the gas that we exhale during breathing and the gas that plants use in pho- tosynthesis. It is also the same gas commonly added to water to make soda, thus the term: carbon- ated beverages. In its solid form, CO2 is called dry ice, often used as refrigerant and, more recently, as an abrasive in what is known as dry ice blasting. According to Tyson Marlowe, Director of Global Training and Development for Cold Jet, LLC, a manufacturer of dry ice blasting equipment, the technology was originally developed by the Lockheed Corporation in the 1970s as a method to remove the paint from the skins of aircraft. AT A GLANCE | COLD JET, LLC WHAT: A manufacturer of dry ice blasting equipment WHERE: Loveland, Ohio WEBSITE: www.coldjet.com COLD JET, LLC THE LEADER IN DRY ICE BLASTING COLD JET, LLC