298 299 brands, you have to look at it from a number of different perspectives. So, if we take a look at the music industry from the performance side of things, simply stated, the world of digital, the world of internet, has made it that these guys make no money with record sales.The whole marketplace has shifted towards concerts. So, all these guys who have been in retirement and get- ting these royalty checks everymonth have now turned around and realized that they’re not mak- ing anymoney and they have to get in shape, suit up, and go back on tour.And that’s why everyone’s touring.And we’re the number one player in that area in what we do. So, as a result,we see that continuing to grow as more and more artists get out there and work.” In terms of the company’s newer, niche hi-fi market, Janis can only learn if it will succeed by diving right in.“These amplifiers have been a year and a half, two years, in development,”he explains. “But,we don’t yet know howmulti-channel am- plifiers will interface with the newworld of ‘all things internet.’ As home automation moves to where the cell phone will be used to turn your heat up and turn your fridge down,we have to play that game. So,we will develop a digital inter- face that goes with the multi-channel amplifiers that allows someone to turn the music on when they come home and control it wirelessly through Bluetooth or WiFi. It is difficult to know how big that market’s going to become, because it’s new and it’s evolving very quickly. Are people going to go online to download music as the quality im- proves or are they going to ignore their CD or LP records? You don’t know, but you’ve got to go into it with eyes wide open.” Already a market leader in three categories, Janis and Radial Engineering are hoping to succeed just as robustly with this next business venture,which Janis refers to as “affordable mid-fi.”“We’re a busy little operation,”he quips.“That’s all there is to it.” RADIAL ENGINEERING LTD. PREFERRED VENDOR n Leading Edge Manufacturing www.leadingedge-mfg.com Founded in 1991, and based in Langley, British Columbia, Leading Edge Manufacturing Inc., a contract manufacturer for the electronics indus- try, supplies its customers with the highest level of quality products and services, including: PCB parts and assembly, cable and harness production, prototyping and R&D Projects, component supply, conformal coating, electromechanical assembly, device programming, and full functional testing.