260 261 AT A GLANCE CENERO WHAT: A unified communica- tions and IT solutions company WHERE: Malvern, Pennsylvania WEBSITE: www.cenero.com CENERO design/build systems integration unit,which designs, builds, installs, and services media conferencing systems, video-based, presentation-based communication systems, infrastructure systems–things like that - in training rooms, conference rooms, class rooms, and board rooms. “We have a second group which is symbiotic with the design/build firm –it’s a managed services division, basically software development and services. It’s kind of like OnStar for cars -a lot more functionality for these audio/visual and video conferencing systems.We have a product called Constant Connect,which basically allows us to test and make sure every- thing in these systems is working as they should.” In fact,Henry proclaims that the company’s software will generally knowwhen something has gone wrong, before the client does. “It’s part of our software,”he says.“We have a suite of ‘proactive tests,’ which means that every night, local time,we go in and there’s a series of tests that physically exercise every piece of equipment in the room or in that system–it launches calls,we look at metrics,we look at connection speed,we’ll display an image up on a screen or a monitor and there’s a digital picture taken of that image, and then it’s analyzed automatically to make sure it’s working right. We look at microphone and speaker levels to make sure that everything’s working. “Then we have a suite of products called ‘reac- tive tests’which is more like monitoring; it looks to make sure calls are happening as they should; battery levels in all your devices are where they should be; if you need to talk to somebody, you touch the tablet that we put in the system, and a video call is launched immediately into our call center staffed by engineers,with video links to all of our systems that we cover, and we can access all of your stuff to make sure it’s working right.We also have what we think is the world’s largest data base of functional information on these types of systems.” Henry says that the company can fix approxi- mately 90 percent of all problems that generally come up, remotely.“Our managed services allows us to support these systems and have them oper- ate appropriately anywhere in the world,”he re- marks. In fact, last year, over 60 percent of Cenero’s revenue came from geographic locations outside of the reach of any of the company’s five offices– Malvern, PA, Baltimore,MD, Charlotte and Raleigh, NC, and northern New Jersey- including about ten percent, from international clients.“The remainder of those problems will require someone to go onsite; every office has a team that does that and