258 259 “H owmany times have you been in a conference room and you go to use something and it doesn’t work? Or you don’t know how to use it? Or you can’t get the image up? Or you don’t have the directory to be able to call in? There are a million things that happen all the time.Our job is to make sure they don’t happen and that the stuff is ready to go when you need it to. Part of the challenge with these technologies is that tradi- tionally they could be tough to use and maybe not as reliable as they should be.Our job is to make it like picking up a phone–you do it and it works.” So says Chris Henry, CEO of Cenero, the company he founded in 1999 as a service-focused, audio-vi- sual, unified communications and IT solutions company, and which, today has 150 employees and five east coast office locations.“We have two basic business units,”Henry continues.“One is a CENERO SIGHT, SOUND, SUCCESS CENERO