206 207 THE RIVERPORT RAILROAD WAITING TO GET IN RIVERPORT RAILROAD THE R iverport Railroad, LLC. (RVPR) operates a short line railroad that serves a commer- cial, industrial, and distribution complex located at the former Savanna Army Or- dinance Depot, now named the Savanna Depot Business & Technology Park. RVPR is located in northwestern Illinois, on the Mississippi River, 40 miles south of Wisconsin and across the river from Bellevue, Iowa, just south of Hanover, Illinois, and just north of Savanna, Illinois. The company was organized in 2000, to purchase track, rail assets, and significant real estate assets located at the Savan- na Depot. Today, RVPR has the ability to meet most long and short term railcar storage, transloading, AT A GLANCE THE RIVERPORT RAILROAD WHAT: Railcar storage, switching, transloading, repair, and cleaning WHERE: Savanna, Illinois WEBSITE: www.riverportrailroad.comgov