96 97 EPIPHAN VIDEO LIVE VIDEO GOES MISSION CRITICAL EPIPHAN VIDEO AT A GLANCE EPIPHAN VIDEO WHAT: Award-winning audio visual solutions company WHERE: Based in Palo Alto, California and Ottawa, Ontario WEBSITE: www.epiphan.com F rom remote medical assessments on Mt. Everest to applications in deepest space, the possibilities for live video are infinite.And Epiphan Video is leading the charge. Epiphan produces world-class, award-winning audio visu- al solutions to capture, scale,mix, encode, stream, record, and play high resolution video. Customers include companies specializing in live event produc- tion, education, healthcare,worship,manufacturing, usability, collaboration, security, and transportation. Epiphan Video is a trade name of Epiphan Sys- tems Inc., a privately-owned company incorporated in 2003. Based in Palo Alto, California and Ottawa, Ontario, Epiphan has a global reach with regional offices and a network of authorized channel part- ners and OEMs throughout the world. Products are designed in North America and backed by rock-solid technical support. CEO,Mike Sandler, speaks to Epiphan’s success. “Practically speaking, our previous company was IPMeeting,which was web collaboration software. After the sale of that company to DWLwhich was in turn acquired by IBM,we looked at what we did