82 83 RUSSELL TOWNSHIP T ucked into the far eastern ledge of the province of Ontario, near the borders of Quebec and the United States, is the cozy, yet stirring Russell Township.While only 25 miles southeast of Ottawa, a municipality with approximately one million residents, Russell Township remains intimate, home to a humble population of 16,520. Its size does not define its potential though; its residents include young families, educated professionals, bright entrepre- neurs, and skilled tradespeople who enjoy the rural setting and close proximity to neighboring city assets.What they also enjoy is being the first in on a secret: Russell Township is on the verge of a boom. Russell Township began building the foun- dations for strong and steady growth a decade ago. Like all endeavors with an aim to germi- nate, the township first sourced water. The town council requested and received a $8.95 million grant from the province of Ontario and from the Federal government to facilitate a 17-mile pipe from Ottawa to the township. The $24.75 million project gave the township’s communities access AT A GLANCE RUSSELL TOWNSHIP, ONTARIO WHAT: A municipality of 16,520 WHERE: Eastern Ontario, near the borders of Quebec and the U.S. WEBSITE: www.russell.ca ON THE VERGE