240 241 HOLIDAY TOURS H olidayTours,a family-owned and operated motor coach company in Randleman,North Carolina,was founded in 1978,byNancy andDwight Thompson.“It was an accident, to be honest,”says JonathanMoody,Assistant General Manager of the company founded byhis grandmother almost 40 years ago.“Shewent on a bus tour toNash- ville,Tennessee,and fell in lovewith the idea of 40- plus people,who didn’t knoweachother,goingtogether onvacationtosomewhere theyhadneverbeen.This idea ofgoing intothemountainsofTennesseewith40people youdidn’t knowfelt comfortable,but also felt exciting.” “So,as soon as she got back,”Moodycontinues, “shemade the phone call to the coach company and asked,‘Howdo I do this?What do I have to do to get myown bus together?’They said,‘If you get us 20 people,you get to go for free.’And,when TAKING CARE OF EVERYTHING AT A GLANCE HOLIDAY TOURS WHAT: A family-owned and operated motor coach company WHERE: Randleman, North Carolina WEBSITE: www.trustholiday.com