152 153 NATURE’S TOUCH FROZEN FOODS Flexipak Industries Inc. is a full-service, ver- tically-integrated, industry-leading flexible packaging company that delivers high-quality, state-of-the-art and forward-thinking packag- ing solutions for the 21 st century. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec – the home of our 40,000-square-foot manufactur- ing facility employing over 50 people – Flex- ipak Industries Inc. delivers flexible packag- ing solutions for a variety of industries and organizations across North America. We are well-equipped with state-of-the-art print- ing, laminating, and bag-making equipment including slitting capabilities to manufacture flexible packaging with remarkable quality. We cater to our clients with one vision in mind: to deliver the best packaging solutions for our customers using the finest available technologies – period. We service a wide variety of customers in Canada and the United States, from coast to coast. We believe in the pride and workman- ship that goes into each step of the process that is delivered to your doorstep. Flexipak is proud of its partnership with Na- ture’s Touch. A fast growing, innovative and dynamic partner. We wish them continued success and mutual growth. The Flexipak Team flexipak.com of the fragilityof the product.Theyneed to go out in multiple trucks; inmanycases it’s less of a truckload. And,of course,the biggest factor of the cost is the waste.So the price,sold at fresh,takes into consider- ation thewaste.That is a huge,huge,factor–30 to 40 percent of fresh fruit is thrown away.And if you lookat the percentage that is thrown awayat the consumer household level,it’s a high number as well–about 30 percent.So,the real cost,apart from the retail cost, to society for fresh ismuch,much higher than frozen. That’s whywe see amassive trend andwe believe that this trend of consuming frozen fruit is verypositive for the industry. “I can also argue that,if it’s donewell and sourced well,frozen fruit actually tastes better than fresh fruit becausewe have the advantage of picking fruit ripe off of a plant and freezing it within 12 to 24 hours,where- as the freshmarket needs to pick fruit that is primarily unripe in order to survive not only the transport,but also the shelf life needed,both at the supermarket level,as well as the consumer household level.And people are eating healthier and therefore eatingmore fruits and vegetables,which is great.As far as we’re concerned,they should be eatingmore.So if we can