136 137 T hemost recent studies of the restaurant industry suggest that almost 60 percent of newrestaurants fail within their first couple of years.Reasonsmay include poor choice of location,weakor ineffective leadership,lackof proper focus,and/or underestimating the amount of time and energy it takes to run a successful operation. According toDavidHopkins,President of The Fifteen Group,a Canadian-based restaurant consulting com- pany,it’s a common theme in the industry.“There are a lot of chefs who own restaurants,or individuals who own restaurants,who have a lot of passion,theyhave a lot of drive,theymight be able to do all the things right to get people in the door,but then,turning that intomoney is awhole different thing,which requires a different set of skills,”he states. THE FIFTEEN GROUP CANADA’S TOP RESTAURANT CONSULTING TEAM The