118 119 WIRELESSWORLD WIRELESS WORLD GREAT THINGS COMING VINCE LUBBEN, FOUNDER W irelessWorld is an authorized retailer of VerizonWireless products and services with store locations inMinnesota, Wisconsin,Iowa,Nebraska,and South Dakota.The companywas founded in 1995,byVince Lubben,who beganworking in thewireless sector as a sales rep for another local dealer,when the cell phone industrywas young.He sawan opportunity to start his own business and opened his first store inVermillion in 1999.Today,there are 41WirelessWorld outlets and the companyhas 309 employees. Although the cell phonemarketplace is highlycom- petitive,with themajor carriers constantly jockeying for customers,Lubben admits that there is little leverage for retailers to tryand outdo their competition,as they have no control over rate plans,and onlyminimal con- trol over the price of phones and accessories.So,they need to differentiate themselves based on the strength of their carrier’s signal,the convenience of their store locations,and,most importantly,the qualityof their customer service. “Verizon is not necessarily the cheapest carrier out there,but theywin the awards for the highest quality AT A GLANCE WIRELESS WORLD WHAT: An authorized retailer of Verizon Wireless products and services WHERE: Sioux Falls, South Dakota WEBSITE: www.wirelessworld.com