Business View Magazine Feb 2023

7 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 2 ANALYSIS HIGHLIGHTS SIXWORKFORCE TRENDS IMPACTING LOCAL GOVERNMENTS IN 2023 Source-American City & County, Andy Castillo, First Published Jan 3, 2023 As a new year begins, public employers face ongoing challenges like the continued transition to a digital environment and workforce shortages that have plagued organizations since the pandemic’s onset. In confronting staffing issues, the MissionSquare Research Institute recently published a brief highlighting key strategies local administrators can consider implementing to make themselves more competitive. Following an at-times difficult year, “public service leaders have gained important insights on approaches to workforce management and support while attracting new talent,” reads the analysis, “Six Workforce Trends to Watch in 2023.” The six recommendations are: communicate the full value of benefits; customize recruitment appeals; maintain retirement plan funding; restructure the workforce; take a holistic view; and prioritize data-driven decision making. The first is notable, given that “The wages advertised for a position represent only a small portion of the full value of a job’s financial and other benefits,” the report says. “Public service jobs often include more than ‘traditional’ benefits like health insurance, pensions, and deferred compensation.” Those nontraditional benefits can include paid leave, life insurance, student loan relief, flexible scheduling, job stability and housing assistance. Focusing on diversity and inclusion is another OPENING L INES