Business View Magazine Feb 2023

101 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 2 stablished in 2004, Worldwide Supply is a trusted provider of high end IT, network, and telecommunications solutions and equipment for clients around the globe. This industry leader serves businesses across a variety of sectors, including cable operators, carriers, internet service providers, construction, enterprise, healthcare, insurance, oil and gas, retail, utilities, and wireless technology. Worldwide Supply identifies six major advantages that have made them a partner of choice in over 100 countries: global organization, industry recognition, values-based approach, new or pre- owned product alternatives, 50%+ cost savings maintenance, and certified engineers on staff. One of the biggest differentiators for Worldwide Supply is their clear distinction of and commitment to core values. E “There is nothing more important as an organization than how we conduct ourselves to all of our stakeholders,” explains Worldwide Supply CEO, Jay VanOrden. “We live by these values every day and that has created a very unique and special work environment at Worldwide Supply. We have created a culture that promotes the behavior of taking care of the customer at all costs. When you combine that with the significant savings, it is our recipe for success.” Worldwide Supply identifies its core values as accountability, dedication, flexibility, integrity, and teamwork. The company pledges to remain committed to its clients, create lasting partnerships for long-term success, uphold a lifetime product warranty on all certified pre-owned equipment, make good on all promises, and maintain a knowledgeable S