76 77 RAYMER OIL COMPANY Raymer OilCompany CONVENIENT AND SUCCESSFUL T he Raymer Oil Company of Statesville,North Carolina is a fuel wholesaler and convenience store retailer in the Piedmont region of the state.“The company is 72 years old,” says its current CEO,MatthewRedmond.“It was start- ed bymy grandfather in 1945,with his father, and later he brought in two of his brothers. It was originally called Raymer Bros., doing business as the Public Oil Company.He’d come back fromWorld War II and needed to earn a living; he saw a newly emerged mar- ket in home heat and started in the business. In the 1980s, he saw the need to pivot to the convenience store distribution of gasoline, so he did that.” “He ultimately retired in the late ‘80s,”Redmond continues.“My aunt stepped in to run the company,which she did from the late ‘80s all the way until about 2011.Mymother had left the com- pany and she and my father started a convenience store in 1987, AT A GLANCE RAYMER OIL COMPANY WHAT: A fuel wholesaler and convenience store retailer WHERE: The Piedmont region of North Carolina WEBSITE: I had the benefit of a great upbringing and that still comes through in the company, today. We’re very commu- nity-driven, very charitable, and very involved. Those are the things that are most important to me. MATTHEW REDMOND CEO