72 73 business, today. Come meet Patty Brisben at the Westport Plaza Sheraton at 7o’clock and bring the girls for a live, Pure Romance party. Can’t wait to see you.”Mom said,‘That is the dumbest thing I ever heard.Whywould anyonewant tomeet me?’I said, ‘Mom,thewayyoumake people feel comfortable about the subject matter,about the business,how articulate you are–people need to knowyou just like theyneed to knowMaryKay.You are the person they need to knowwhen they thinkabout relationship enhancement.You need to be the voice that women need to hear. “So,we end up going to St.Louis.We had $33,000 in our bankaccount and I spent $30,000 on radio and media,and parties that wewere having in St.Louis. Wewere there for two days only.The first daywewere at theWestport Plaza,the second daywewere at the Marriott,downtown,near old Busch Stadium.First day: nobodycame.I’m thinking,‘This is going to be really, reallybad.’The next day,we set up at 9AMand by2 o’clock,nobody’s there.At 2 o’clock,the first person comes; 3 o’clock,another person,and by7o’clock,we had ten peoplewhowere looking at this business.My momdoes a light partyand it all goes off without a hitch.And that day,was the day it all came together. “At the time,wewere recruiting two people amonth. That day,we brought on two people fromSt.Louis. Wewere so excited.We had a great dinner.Wewere driving back to Cincinnati and that night,I realized this was not a great businessmodel; it cost $15,000 per person to join.There’s nowaywe can do it.The next day,the phone calls in the officewere abnormallyhigh and I didn’t knowwhy.I finallypicked up the phone and said,‘Thanks somuch for calling Pure Romance. Howcan I help you?’The lady says,‘I want to join your team.’‘How did you hear of us? Did you go to our PURE ROMANCE C B Since 1985, Classic Brands has been manufacturing intimate personal care products for clients looking to provide innovative and inspiring products to their customers. As a niche leader in our industry for over twenty five years, we have established lasting partnerships with companies who share our vision and desire to create quality products that ignite passion and enhance pleasure in people’s lives. Our team of dedicated, experienced and creative professionals has built a reputation of excellence within our industry. Our commitment to creating and delivering formulas that take advantage of market trends and changing consumer needs, ensures our clients gain market share for maximum sales growth year over year. Founder Moe Levy and President Loren Levy, have always emphasized the importance, both internally and externally, of being a strategic partner. This leadership style has ensured that each and every client experiences the same support throughout the product development and manufacturing process. The company offers technical formulation knowledge, packaging solutions and marketing insights that are instrumental in positioning clients for optimized potential. Our portfolio of products includes a wide variety of personal care and beauty products. Core competencies include but are not limited to Personal Lubricant, Intimate Shave Cream, Bath & Skin Care Products, Stimulating Pleasure Serums and Pheromone Infused Perfume and Cologne. To find out more about our private label and contract manufacturing services please visit CLASSIC BRANDS | PASSION AND PLEASURE DRIVEN SIMPLY SEXY Pheromone Perfume & Bath Collection COOCHY ® Intimate Shave Cream PURE ROMANCE Stimulating Gel Personal Lubricant Toy Cleaner