168 169 ADAM HERGENROTHER COMPANIES Hergenrother relates that he and his friend made some $70,000 flipping cars.He took some of the money to buy his first piece of real estate-a condo unit that he bought with his brother,Tom,which they eventually sold for a $65,000 profit.He continued to dabble in real estate while working as a financial control- ler when the next “aha”moment occurred.“I always showed up, I worked hard, I got every- thing done. But, I literally had bosses tell me, ‘Stop doing things so fast, you’re making us look bad.’That was another ‘aha’moment in my life. I cannot not be growing, so therefore I needed to go out and do my own thing. So,my decision to really get into real estate was not about real estate; it was to build a company that I owned so nobody could ever place a limit on my thinking.” Hergenrother hit the ground running.He got his real estate license and started building a team of agents in order to recreate the type of leverage he remembered from flipping cars in college.“I wanted to get back to that place where I had people that I could lead and direct,”he states.“I realized that I didn’t want to sell real estate, I just liked own- ing and building real estate and I wanted to keep growing through other people.” In 2010, he opened up the first Keller Williams Realty office in Vermont, which is now the largest real estate company in the state.“We started with four people and nowwe’ve got 140 people here,”he reports. The next year,Hergenrother founded Hergenroth- er Realty Group (HRG) in order to expand his suc- cessful team concept beyond the borders of Ver- AT A GLANCE ADAM HERGENROTHER COMPANIES WHAT: Real estate and allied services WHERE: South Burlington, Vermont WEBSITE: