164 165 directly, rather than delegating them to some- body else.We’re not going to let a sub-contractor make important decisions about how the home comes out aesthetically or in terms of function- ality.We have standards of quality, and we’re not leaving that for others to decide.We monitor what our people do very, very closely-a lot closer than what our competitors offer in the area.That’s why we’re able to set our homes and our products apart from the crowd.” Tanner says that the company is constantly adding new phases to its proprietary developments–pre- paring new lots and building more homes,while attempting to stay with its core competencies and keep building quality high.“What’s driving us in the near term is to continue to do what we’ve always done in a way where we build the product the best we know how,”he declares. As for the future, he reports that the company’s seven employees are focusing on how to continue the company after the familymembers–his aunts and uncles–retire.“But we don’t want to sacrifice any quality,whatsoever,”he maintains.“We want to form the foundation for continued excellence in the company through new employees and in different areas of growth.We also want to be able to provide the latest in technologies for our clients,whether it’s green technology to make the homes more efficient, or if it’s just the comfort controls of a smart home. None of this is for the sake of technology itself, ei- ther.We only want to take advantage of things that improve our client’s home living experience.” Keeping the customer satisfied is what has al- lowed RJ Wachsman Homes to be named Texoma’s Best Home Builder for the last eight consecutive years, and,more than likely, for manyyears to come. RJ WACHSMAN HOMES n Ingram Concrete, LLC n Woodco Building Supply PREFERRED VENDORS Woodco Building Products is the top recognized source for new or redesign construction. By working with you, your home builder, general contractor, carpenter, or architect, Woodco can handle your individual needs for new construction, redesign, or remodel projects. Windows n Interior Doors n Exterior Doors Fireplaces n Millwork Visit our showroom at 522 Beverly Drive, Wichita Falls, Texas or contact us at 940.723.1436. Locally owned and operated for over 35 years Quality. Performance. Sustainability. Dedication to Quality, Performance, and Sustainability make Ingram Concrete the leading Ready-Mix Concrete Supplier in West Central and West Texas 35 Plants in 29 Locations n Covering more than 64 Counties Serving over 53,000 Square Miles WHY CHOOSE US: Consistency through Technology Service Availability n Industry Certification