160 161 R J Wachsman Homes is one of the leading builders of new homes in Wichita Falls, and the Texoma area of north Texas. “My father started the company in 1978,” says J. Tanner Wachsman, the company’s Vice President since 2016. “He started laying brick and stone in high school and college, and continued doing that all over Texas. He came back to Wichita Falls, where we live, build and develop. He was working for various builders and thought that he could do the job better than they could. He grew up in a big family–five brothers and five sisters – and started the company with the help of his three brothers, Jeff, Sharp, and Ronnie, and his sister Cindy. In essence, RJ Wachsman Homes is a family business – then and now.” From the beginning, everything was done in-house – design, interiors, staging, and marketing. “We initially start- ed by purchasing single lots and building custom homes that people would approach us about,” says RJ, Founder and Company President. “Once we started growing, we had more family members come aboard, including my mom and RJ WACHSMAN HOMES THE PRIDE OF TEXOMA Wachsman Homes RJ WHAT: A leading builder of new homes WHERE: Wichita Falls, Texas WEBSITE: www.rj AT A GLANCE RJ WACHSMAN HOMES